ONTARIO — Ontario Police officers were able to clear a report of “suspicious circumstances” from Monday night, after finding the owner of a vehicle connected to a citizen’s report, according to an update from Sgt. Jon Esplin.

He said officers contacted the vehicle owner on Wednesday evening.

A citizen had reported that a young girl had been seen getting into an SUV with two men in their 30s to 40s who had been in the neighborhood looking for the dog, and that it appeared the girl did not want to get in the vehicle. Wanting to make sure there was no foul play, the citizen contacted police and provided them with a video of the SUV.

After making contact, the vehicle owner corroborated what the reporting party had told police about being in the area, adding that the female was his girlfriend who has a medical condition and that he was helping her into the car.

Police spoke with the girlfriend, who confirmed she is OK does have a medical condition. Police say the woman is “pretty small and could have easily been mistaken for a younger female,” reads the update.

Esplin clarified that there are no other missing juveniles in Ontario that he was aware of.

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