Fruitland Subway salads

Fruitland Health Plaza Practice Manager Jennifer White, left, and Brittani Durham, RN, assist Subway owner John Cox deliver 60 salads to colleagues on Wednesday.  Cox donated the lunch to say ‘thank you’ to our employees who’ve been working so hard with the added stress of COVID-19.

FRUITLAND — As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues to starve the world of a feeling of relative safety, health-care workers continue to brave the danger to continue treating the sick and injured in their communities. In our community, that sacrifice has not gone unrecognized, as area food establishments step up to feed those who are working to stop the pandemic.

With COVID-19 forcing John Cox, the owner of the Fruitland Subway restaurant, to close his doors to protect employees, Cox decided that instead of letting perfectly good food go to waste would turn his remaining ingredients into salads for health-care workers in the area. He delivered 60 salads to Saint Alphonsus’ at Saint Alphonsus’ Fruitland Health Plaza on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Domino’s Pizza franchisee Chad Bittner directed his Fruitland store to donate 20 pizzas to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario, to be delivered that day.

Bittner told the Argus via email on Friday that the donation is a show of solidarity for those braving the dangers COVID presents.

“We know how scary it is to be working right now and especially in health care,” said Bittner. “We know we have a vital role in the community and are trying to do our part to make sure no one goes hungry. Especially the most vulnerable. We are doing all we can to keep our team safe in the process and keep them working. My team members are very important to me and I try to treat them as much like family as I can.”

Jennifer White, Saint Alphonsus Fruitland Health Plaza Practice Manager, spoke on behalf of the workers fed by these donations.

“Our employees are so grateful. They’ve been working some really long hours during a tense time. It feels so nice to be supported in this way and the healthy salads were a big hit.”

Bittner adds that all seven of his Treasure Valley Domino’s locations have been directed to donate a total of 200 pizzas “to hospitals, fire stations, police, other first responders and many others in need.”

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