Student, 18, arrested for threat against Weiser High School principal

A letter from Weiser School District Superintendent Wil Overgaard about a threat made to the high school principal from a student on Friday is posted on the home page of the district's website.

WEISER — It’s “school as usual” today at Weiser High School, according to the top official at Weiser School District. However, on Friday, a high school student was arrested on school property after the school day had ended following the delivery of a note in which he allegedly threatened to harm the principal.

According to Weiser School District Superintendent Wil Overgaard, staff at the school took the threat seriously and immediately contacted police. High school administrators were able to stop the student from getting onto the bus, and Weiser police officers arrived shortly thereafter subsequently arresting him, according to Overgaard.

Parents and students were notified over the weekend with the school’s messaging system, which sent out a pre-recorded message to parents’ phones.

The school district also placed a notification about the threat and subsequent arrest on the homepage of its website.

According to Overgaard, the “student handed a note to the high school secretary that ended up in the hands of the assistant principal.”

The note, according to the posting on the district’s website, “indicated that the student was unhappy with the principal and threatened to come to the high school and initiate a violent act against the principal.”

According to the website posting, the student will be suspended pending completion of an investigation into the matter. Furthermore, it states that Weiser City Police will have a presence at the high school this week while the investigation continues.

Although the high school is continuing with classes as normally scheduled, the superintendent said that high school administrators were meeting with staff this morning to update them of the situation and tell them “what to do and how to respond if there were questions in class.”

The student, who’s name was not yet available, is 18 years old, according to Overgaard. This means he will be tried as an adult.

A call to Weiser Police Chief Carl Smith to find out other information, including the name of the defendant, has not yet been returned.

“He is currently being held by law enforcement until his arraignment,” the posting states.

The student was not found to be in possession of any weapons, according to the posting, but faces a charge of threatening violence upon school grounds. According to Idaho statute, if the threat was made by a person found in possession of weapons, the charge is a felony; otherwise, it is a misdemeanor.

Whether the student is set to be arraigned today is not yet known. An official at Washington County Magistrate Court said this morning that today’s scheduled arraignments, which take place this afternoon, were not yet available to them.

Washington County Prosecutor’s Office also did not have details at this time.


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