Police take 2 burglary suspects into custody this morning

This is one of many cars in the Ontario Police Department’s fleet of vehicles.


Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to Idaho Avenue near the I-84 interchange this morning to arrest two burglary suspects.

According to an email from Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero, the suspects were at the Ontario Pilot Travel Center, where one man, who was already wanted from numerous prior incidents — was taken into custody without incident.

The second suspect fled from officers on foot and allegedly threatened officers with a large knife as they attempted to arrest him, according to the chief.

“After some non-lethal force deployment, the second suspect was taken into custody, Romero said.

While no shots were fired, the chief said the “public probably perceived less lethal shotgun round as shots fired.”

Names have not yet been provided. Romero says both suspects are drug addicted chronic homeless individuals and were already being sought by law enforcement.

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