Payette County Sheriff

The Payette County Sheriff's Office is housed inside the County Courthouse, pictured here.

PAYETTE COUNTY — In light of the situation in Minneaplis, Minnesota, surrounding the controversial death of African-American George Floyd, the Payette County Sheriff Office is being vigilant about rumors of antifa or its supporters coming to the county.

Antifa, is described as a left-wing, anti facist, militant political activist movement, which in recent days as linked to provoking many riots throughout the nation regarding Floyd’s death by a police officer.

In an email statement to the newspaper today, Lt. Andy Creech said the office has been monitoring a social media post with 194 shares and 62 comments as of press time, and has also put a statement on its Facebook page that the statement is false.

The false social media post reads, “Family and friends in Idaho. We were told by our Congressman that Antifa has sent a plane load of their people into Boise and three bus loads from Seattle into the rural areas. The sheriff in Payette has already spotted some of them. We were warned to lock our doors and our guns. We think they will stay in the larger communities but it is best to be prepared …”

Creech had the following to say about the post.

“The Payette County Sheriff’s Office has not had contact with and has not verified that Antifa is in Payette County. The Payette County Sheriff’s Office has not given any specific warnings to our citizens about Antifa or other organizations. The information in this social media post is not accurate.”

Due to the sweeping violence that has turned protests into full-blown riots in cities across the United States, President Donald Trump vowed on Sunday to prosecute the domestic group as a terrorism entity. However, such a move has been denounced by the Department of Justice, and other current and former government officials who have expressed concern that “officially designating a U.S.-based group as a terrorist organization could have significant First Amendment consequences,” according to an article today on ABC News.

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