Passerby’s vehicle hit in shooting behind Albertsons

A video of footage from an external camera at the Malheur County Child Development Center captured the sounds of the shooting which took place in the alleyway behind Albertsons on Tuesday afternoon. In that video, which has been posted to YouTube, you can also clearly hear approximately 8 to 10 shots fired.

ONTARIO — Few details have been released from officials regarding a shooting that occurred behind Albertsons on Tuesday afternoon shortly before 4 p.m., but people who know about the event have reached out to the newspaper, and one person expressed frustration over the lack of information available to the public, including whether someone was arrested.

“I’m frustrated. The police should be calling the media and saying, ‘Hey, look out for these cars,” said Ryan Sharpe, whose brother’s vehicle was allegedly shot during the altercation.

Susan Robinett, with Malheur County Child Development Center in Ontario said they had an employee who was driving on the roadway behind Albertsons when his vehicle got shot, and that a bullet had gone “through both doors.”

Fortunately, the passerby was not wounded in the incident.

“Other than being a little shook up, but who wouldn’t be,” Robinett said.

She said there are no children at the center at this time, adding that employees are in the office to do staff orientation.

The center provided a video to police from external cameras on the building that face in the direction of Albertsons, in which you can see the employee’s car and hear the gunshots, she said.

In that video, which has been posted to YouTube, you can also clearly hear approximately 8 to 10 shots, though it is hard to discern some of the first ones, which appear to have echoes.

“I hope they can figure out something,” Robinett said. “I certainly don’t want it to become the new normal around here.”

Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero told the newspaper that he was just getting debriefed about the situation this morning. He did say “there is no known threat to the general public at this time and the case is being actively investigated.” However, he did not say if there was no threat due to suspects being identified or arrests being made.

A spokesperson at the Malheur County Jail said that nobody had been booked on charges related to the shooting since the incident occurred.

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