Organizers stage walk to support freedoms on Saturday

During a freedom of choice protest on Saturday, a man attempted to stab someone in the crowd.

ONTARIO — A group of concerned citizens who staged protests for freedom of choice regarding COVID-19 vaccines in front of an Ontario hospital in late August is staging another protest on Saturday, and citizens who are interested in participating are urged to join.

Janine VanVliet, who is a participant, said that a walk is being staged from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday on Oregon Street near the area of the Saturday Market. They aim to let people know "we want to support our freedoms of choice and freedom of speech," she said, adding that a person was slated to talk in the parking lot behind businesses on the east side of the road across from Brewsky's Broiler.

Stand for Kids-Malheur in August told the newspaper that their protests are not about being against vaccines, but about the freedom of an individual to choose whether they want to get one.

VanVliet said there is especially renewed concern over President Joe Biden's executive order placed Wednesday for federal employees to be vaccinated or lose their jobs, with similar plans, which may include a testing alternative, for businesses with 100 employees or more expected to be coming soon.

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