FRUITLAND — As elementary students return to school on Monday, one face will not be among them, as five-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan remains missing as of press time. According to Fruitland Elementary School principal Jared Olsen, while Michael hasn’t been found yet, school staff will work to help students move forward in the wake of his disappearance.

In an email to the newspaper Wednesday, Olsen said staff members will not openly discuss Michael’s disappearance in any classes, in an effort to prevent “undue anxiety or stress” in this situation which is beyond students’ control.

“If a student knows or brings up the situation then we will address it with the student,” wrote Olsen.

However, he said the school does plan to teach students the basics about staying safe while they are around other people.

“Our counselor does teach about Stranger Danger in each of the classrooms with a group of lessons. We intend to give support where support is needed with in house resources or get support outside if needed.”

Parents or guardians seeking additional information or resources can contact the school at (208) 452-3360.

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