Abatement proceedings on hold for one property and get resolved for another

This photo shows the lot next to Big 5 that was in abatement proceedings but is no longer after the owners have negotiated with the city of Ontario.


The start of a pre-abatement process has begun on a vacant property in Ontario that has been left vacant for some time. Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero gave some more insight into this property and what steps are being taken now to address the issue.

“The sole owner is believed to be deceased with no known next-of-kin. I’ve been informed that the property has been vacant for many years (poss 5+). We are currently researching bank and court records, in an effort to identify the true legal owner. We believe that the property may have a “Reverse Mortgage” attached to it, but there appears to be a trail of bank title transfers on it as well,” wrote Romero in an email message received on Sept. 1.

He went on to say that they are in the process of attempting to “narrow down the current back administrator or fiduciary on file.” Romero said that this part of the process is not an easy task.

“The abatement of the property should take place soon, as we are seeking bids for cleaning up the property. The city has 1 quote at this time and it exceeds $3,000. Very costly as you can see,” wrote Romero.

The Argus inquired with Ontario Fire Chief Terry Leighton as to state of the property as of Sept. 4.

“I did look at that property on Wednesday and it does not look to be too much of a fire hazard at this time. It looks like someone has been working there. Some tree branches have been cut and put in a pile in the front yard. This pile is near some trees and this would be my only concern. It appears some tractor work is being done and the weeds knocked down,” wrote Leighton in a response email received on Sept. 4.

As of Thursday afternoon, Romero explained in an email that “that abatement is on hold” and no further information regarding the property is available at this time.

Romero shared information regarding another property in the city that has received abatement attention as of late and what had been done recently with the lot.

“I am glad to share with you that the parcel (dirt lot and concrete garage) next to Big 5, which was a huge abatement issue for us, finally got taken care of by the property owners. They had 28K in violation penalties and are working with the city to resolve the matter. That will help with the homeless drug addicts and vagrancy problems that were impacting the neighboring businesses and generating calls for OPD. Trying to make Ontario Shine!” Romero wrote in his message.

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