Ontario — Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario was placed on modified lockdown on Thursday after multiple inmate disturbances occurred in the late afternoon.

A total of 59 inmates were placed in special housing for their involvement in the altercations, one of whom sustained injuries that required outside medical treatment, according to a release from the Oregon Department of Corrections. One staff member also sustained injuries that required off-site medical treatment, according to the release.

The institution was placed on modified lockdown after several inmates engaged in mutual altercations in various areas of complex three, one of the institution’s general population living areas, according to the release.

At approximately 3:45 p.m., several inmates began fighting in the entrance area to the complex three recreation yard. When inmates refused to comply with directives from staff, a warning shot was fired, after which the inmates complied, according to the release.

As staff responded to this altercation, additional altercations took place in other areas of complex three, including the corridor and housing units. Staff were able to diffuse these incidents and began escorting inmates from their work assignments and the recreation yard to their assigned cells.

Over the period of an hour, while staff escorted inmates to their cells, other inmate-on-inmate fights continued to occur, which were quickly resolved, according to the release.

All areas of the institution, with the exception of the minimum facility, were running under modified operations. Although inmates did not have access to the phones, they were allowed to visit.

The prison was operating as usual Saturday afternoon.

Snake River Correctional Institution is a multisecurity prison at 777 Stanton Blvd., about 9 miles northwest of Ontario. The facility, opened in 1991, has a budgeted capacity of 3,050 and has a staff of 890. It is Oregon’s largest correctional institution.

Oregon State Police was notified, and an ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine the cause.

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