The Payette School District officials have been able to breathe a little easier since the supplemental levy passed earlier this month with 1,078 votes in favor. There is still a long road ahead for the school district, however.

Superintendent Pauline King said last week this levy will maintain the school for two years, however, after levy funding runs out, the school district may be faced with another difficult decision.

"The state is volatile," King said. "Enrollment in the schools is also very important. We have to pay close attention to state funding."

The supplemental levy will give the district $695,000 a year for two years and will go toward general maintenance and operating expenses.

King said the money will not be increasing salaries or adding new programs. The school district will not be using the money carelessly, she said. The school district will only use as much as it needs.

King and the School Board was faced with closing Westside Elementary School as well as cutting one day from the school week and many of the high school's elective classes if the levy failed. Those, however, will stay intact with the levy's passage.

"We will continue to operate Westside Elementary School, which is one of the highest performing schools in the state," King said. "The district will also continue to operate dual-credit programs so the students can acquire many college credits before graduating from high school. We will also continue to have the athletic programs and scholarly programs that we have been offering."

The school district will be paying close attention to state funding, King said.

"There's not a school district in the state that is not worried about funding right now," she said.

"We're grateful to the voters who passed this levy," King added. "Our budget will continue to be very tight, and the school district has a good board that watches it very closely."

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